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Where To Find Unique Holiday Gifts For Teenagers In San Diego, California

Bedroom Furniture For Teenagers Gift stores for teenagersNeighborhood: San DiegoSan Diego, CA92103United States of America Unique gifts are sometimes hard to find and this is especially true when shopping for teenagers. But, this is not the case in San Diego, California, due to the fact that there are so many great stores that offer a variety of unique gifts for anyone. During the holiday season, shoppers are always looking for unique gifts to give teenagers for Christmas, so I have picked out 5 stores in particular that do an awesome job in offering a numerous unique gifts.

A Tisket A Tasket Fine Gift Baskets

A Tisket A Tasket Fine Gift Basket is a unique store that offers custom and personalized baskets that make great Christmas gifts for anyone, especially teenagers. If you are having a hard time finding one perfect gift for that teenager, why not incorporate numerous favorite little items for the teenager assembled together in a beautiful basket. These baskets can consist of: gels, lotions, food, candies, cookies, etc., there a vast amount of little goodies that can be chosen. Teenagers love this, because they are getting several of their favorite items for a Christmas gift. Plus, these are items that the teenager will actually be able to use. These baskets are very affordable and make great gifts year-round. A Tisket A Tasket Fine Gift Baskets is located at 6619 Ledgeside St. in San Diego. They can be reached at (619) - 398-7592. There ordering is done online and are shipped to the location.

Cottage Treasures

Cottage Treasures, formerly known as Treasures from the Heart, is a store that is unique, because they beach theme. These items are handcrafted by local artists, and would make a great Christmas gift for any teenager. Cottage Treasures primarily focuses on hand-painted furniture and home dcor. They have desks, tables, dressers, etc. These unique pieces would work great in any bedroom, or dorm room, for those teens in college. These items are painted with bright colors and contain captivating displays. Cottage Treasures is located in Pangaea Outpost, 909 Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach, CA. They can be reached at (619) - 437-1825 or (858) 581-0555. There hours of operation are as follows: Mon-Thu 10am-7pm; Fri-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 10am-6pm.


SaiCali is a very unique store located in San Diego. SaiCai focuses on offering a variety of handcrafts from Vietnam. These items are very unique and collectible. Teenagers would appreciate these items because they are very beautiful and would make excellent pieces of art to accent their bedroom or dorm room. They offer an array of affordable items, but most of it can be considered art. These pieces are very colorful and attractive, and would make an excellent Christmas gift, because these items could be kept forever and used throughout a person's life in their home, room, office, etc. They are wonderful collectibles and will be cherished for years to come. SaiCali is located at 2415 San Diego Ave. Suite 104. There store hours are as follows: Mon-Sun. 11:00am-7pm. SaiCali can be reached at (619) - 299-8796.

Mystic Gyfte

Mystic Gyfte is a store located in San Diego that offer s a wide selection of unique items. Products include: books, jewelry, incense, candles, wind chimes, lotions, etc. There are many items that would fit anyone's budget when shopping during the holiday season. The items sold in Mystic Gyfte appeal to young people, especially teenagers. Mystic Gyfte's items are meant to be used as tools to help create a happy and successful life. This store has a very mystical/philosophical theme and feel to it, and many teenagers like this style, especially in their bedrooms/dorms. Mystic Gyfte is located at 210 S. Indiana Ave. in San Diego. There hours of operation are: Monday-Saturday from 10 am-7 pm and Sunday from 10 am-5 pm. They can be reached at (760)-643-2120.


Artventures offers high quality gifts at affordable prices. This store has everything including: candles, dishes, flowers, sculptures, unusual gifts, art, etc. I think that you can find almost anything that would appeal to a teenager at Artventures. There items make awesome Christmas gifts for teenagers because they are things that teenagers actually would like to have. All teenagers can use new creative pieces of art to decorate their room, a new checkers/chess board to play with family and friends, etc. You are able to find unique gift ideas here, and I guarantee that no one else will give these items as gifts. Items sold here are thoughtful, affordable, are just quality items that are a must-have. Artventures is located at 3840 Fifth Ave. in San Diego. They can be reached at (619) - 683- 3840. Hours vary but, usually are open Mon-Sat. 10am-7pm and Sun. 11am-5pm.

Each one of these has its own style and offers its own set of unique items. People would enjoy receiving any of the items sold at these stores as a gift during the holiday season. Teenagers especially would love these items, because most teenagers want to be unique, creative, and not like anyone else. If teenagers were to receive items from these stores as a Christmas gift they would be receiving one of a kind items that would set them apart from everyone else.

By K-Mac - I am just a typical college student that enjoys writing and reading in my free time.